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Advocating for peace, safe schools & a safer America

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Schools should be safe spaces. Sacred spots for souls to go to learn and evolve their consciousness.

All schools, universities, trade schools, specialty schools, and every other type of institution for learning should be respected and valued as an instrumental part of the community.

(The picture above is an edit to this blog post detailing some more info on the situation. I wrote the following words under the impression [assumption] that it was students who passed away. The words still fit for many other countless students who were murdered in shootings on America's campuses.)

Today someone walked onto UNLV's campus with the intent to kill, and they murdered three people.

Three students who won't make it home tonight. Three students who won't turn in next weeks homework or take the finals they prepared for all semester. Three students who won't graduate.

Three people who won't be able to take the vacations that they've planned, who will miss all of the celebrations of their loved ones, and birthdays and holiday seasons.

Three children who will never return home from school. Three individual lives ruined. Decimated. And countless family members and friends lost someone that they loved today.

I hate so much that we see gun violence nearly daily. If your eyes are open.

I hate especially when sour and sick individuals take an automatic weapon onto a presumably safe space like a school or college campus.

I don't want thoughts and prayers, I want a separation of church and state. I want protection for innocent children and people, in the form of restrictive gun laws and ethical treatment of individuals & wide access to mental health support so cowards can not feel like they are driven to take some one else's life.

We have a dark subculture in America of people who think weapons and violence solve problems and achieve vendettas.

Spiteful individuals who feel that they have a right to take someone's life.

If we are such a civilized society, why do so many people lack empathy, and why is violence considered a solution?

I believe that this issue is largely impacted by a lack of emotional/mental support for one another.

As wrong as it is, taking a gun somewhere with the intent to harm people is a cry for help.

We have to support each other if we want to protect one another and be protected.

Treat people with respect. We're all humans trying to figure it out.

We're all looking for something, so be kind and gracious in your search.

Please help me in this fight.

We deserve to live a life without fear of gun violence.

Rest in Peace to the staff at University of Nevada Las Vegas who lost their lives on December 6th.

Rest in Peace to the people who lost their lives in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017.

Vegas Strong

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