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Blue Wellness E-Book

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Hi friends 🥰

If you follow us on Instagram, you would know that we have launched our first e-book this November.

The e-book is going to center around creating a meditation habit, or embracing mindfulness as a lifestyle overall. There are tons of helpful tips and tricks in it, including a guided eating meditation and an energy cleansing meditation.

Meditation benefits you no matter what you do in life: students, athletes, artists or content creators, teachers, business professionals, and especially managers or leaders.

One of the benefits of meditation is it improves your people skills, especially empathy. On your meditation journey, you grow a deep and profound connection with yourself and your heart. Once you have experienced this heart-spirit cohesion, you show up in the world differently. You interact with people differently, and you are able to respond from a wider perspective.

With this thinking you can begin to imagine what a world where everyone meditated would look like.

A world where people listened with their hearts, not to respond, but to actually hear.

The e-book is a useful tool for meditators of all experience levels: newbies, self-care junkies, and the tried and true meditation lovers too!!


Abigail at Blue Wellness



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