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Rebel With A Cause

It's been 10 days since a disgruntled pathetic adult man walked onto UNLV's campus and selfishly endangered thousands of students, faculty, & other people on a big city college campus.

He took the lives of three incredibly intelligent, caring, one of a kind educators and spread darkness and hate on my campus.

The lives he took created an irrevocable hole in the UNLV community. The losses incurred will never be filled, and the instructors who passed into the afterlife will be sincerely missed on UNLV's campus for the rest of time.

Somehow life is just supposed to continue on, business as usual in capitalist America.

Somehow we are all just supposed to pick ourselves up & keep living. LIKE THE SAME RISKS OF DYING OF GUN VIOLENCE COULDN'T KILL US AT ANY MOMENT.

Like we are not traumatized, and victimized because someone brought a gun on a college campus.

Something that really bothers me is that the shooter is dead now too.

Too often, mass shooters will kill themselves in the aftermath. They spread their pain like wildfire, then flee from this world entirely.

Who pays the brunt of this price? The innocent.

I do feel that shooters' karmic debt will be paid, in God's timing, and God will bring justice on all souls affected. But it does pain me that the sick disgusting people who turn to guns to alleviate their mental distress often don't see the pain that they have caused with their human hands, through their human eyes.

My heart goes out to the students of UNLV, professors, faculty and staff. As an alumni, I'm currently not anywhere near the campus. However, I feel violated, on edge, and enraged. I can't imagine (& frankly don't want to) how it feels for people who were on campus that day. For the younger students living on campus, my heart goes out to them. May they settle their nervous systems & may God watch over and protect them. May they continue their education & accomplish the goals that they have set at UNLV.

For the professors who dedicate their LIVES to teaching and enabling the future generation with knowledge, wisdom, & a sense of curiosity about our ever changing world: Thank You.

To the instructors who passed away: May you rest easy. May your families be protected & may you watch over them with love and guide them through life and as they heal their hearts from this tragedy.

Tragedy seems to have lost its meaning.

The world will never be the same.

Vegas strong,

but this lack of weaponry regulations will continue to make us weak as a society.

(I wish I could end this on a happier note, but my heart is heavy, & my professors are dead.)

Forevermore, I will advocate for a safer America. Safety for our children, for our students, for the marginalized communities targeted by hate.

Safety for us all.

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