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sad girl poem

You came in with a breeze & then the storm washed you out.

Yet, you linger in my mind. Your name on the tip of my tongue.

Where do you go?

Where did the rain send you?

A prayer prayed humbly.

Yet, when the prayer was answered I was filled with disdain.

I asked for the cleansing waters, but didn't know you would erase like invisible marker.

Tattooed in a second, erased in the next.

& What remains?

A dangerous dance with my shadow, she wishes to blame me.

But, what was done?

A prayer for love.

A truer love than ever known.

A prayer for protection.

I asked God to remove anything that wasn't in alignment with my highest good.

How naïve to be upset that a prayer went through.

How blinded by the glow of you.

The glow of you, a reflection of me.

The waters washed you away & now the waters lasted longer than you did.

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