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The Blue Wellness Meditation Journal

It honestly still feels unreal that I've written my first book. It's actually a daily journal, but regardless- I'm self-published! Honestly, writing this felt like a magical whirlwind, like a tunnel of positive energy as I was creating.

I wanted to create this blog post as a way to talk more freely but intentionally about the whole creative process and the thought that went into this passion project. Ultimately, it was created to help people tap into their inner self-love and peace, and do this through meditation. I created it for all people, for young girls, for mothers, for children and adults of all types, and people who are new to mindfulness or just dipping their toes in the water. I would love to help people find their spark and magic. I hope that this journal helps you to find whatever your soul is looking for, healing, love, community, success, all of it. You deserve all of it.

You deserve to be radically healed.

The journal is over 70 pages, with about 45 guided meditations, there are also some journal prompts, pages of self-love affirmations, and more!

One of the things that I love about this journal is that you can keep it forever & still get great use out of it. The daily meditations are perfect for your self-paced visualization meditations. And each guided meditation is different! Some will be simple breathing exercises, and others are elaborate descriptions of wonderous relaxing adventures in Mother Nature.

A nice thing about the self-guided aspect of the meditations is that it's moldable to fit your needs. Some days you'll want to meditate longer, and you can meditate upon the passage for as long as you wish! On other days you might be fulfilled just meditating for a few minutes. And even then, you can come back to read the meditation as many times in a day as you want! It might be fun to read through the meditation right when you wake up, and then again at the end of the day, as you wind down and get ready for bed.

You might even want to do this journal at the same time as a friend or partner! It can be highly encouraging to have a mindfulness partner so that you can train your brain with a buddy.

The journal is perfect to bring to the beach for a solo self-care day!

Thanks for reading about this beautiful creative journey. Let us know how you love your meditation journal!


Abigail at Blue Wellness

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