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Why would you meditate with crystals?

Updated: May 24, 2023

I'm sure that to many people, crystals sound pretty woo-woo.

But in my opinion, crystals have been a great tool for me on my mindfulness journey and my journey with self love.

I first got into crystals when I first got into meditation- due to the absolute need to heal from anxiety.

I first was obsessed with sodalite, for its calming and centering effect. It was an absolute must-have to take to my college lectures, like equally as important as my laptop or my class notes. It helped me to get out of my head. If I started to feel stressed out during the school day, I could just take my little crystal out of my pocket and hold onto it for a minute. I would take deeper breaths and ground into my body as I held the crystal.

It was so necessary for me to be able to calm down and actually just listen and learn.

Now, my relationship with crystals has changed a bit. One of the ways that I use crystals is to create a calming and sacred meditation space. I love to meditate with selenite, but sometimes I will want my crystal to match my intention, like rose quartz if I am needing a boost in loving and compassionate energy.

I also love to take a crystal in my pocket if I am going out for the day. It helps me to stay centered in my own energy and intention, and not get caught up in distracting energies.

If you wanna meditate with crystals, here are a few ways to try it out:

- hold the crystal in your hand. focus on the crystal, and any feelings or sensations that it elicits in your mind and body. be present in your body. you can do an energy-scan, where you focus on the top of your head, and then go down your entire body, bringing your attention to each unique body part. breathing gently and sending gratitude to each body part

- you can also place a crystal over your heart, and then visualize healing energy surrounding your heart and chest. breathe in gratitude, and exhale that gratitude

- designate a specific space as your meditation space, a quiet place where you can meditate and house your meditation tools. perhaps a table or shelf, where you can place your crystal, and use a votive candle or incense to calm your senses for your meditation session

Always with love,

Abigail at Blue Wellness

P.S. You deserve to be radically healed

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