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Yoga Practice at Home (Props to Get You Started)

Hi my love, I hope this blog post finds you well.

For anyone wanting to get into yoga, I wanted to create this post to show you what yoga equipment you need (this is a relative term), some options available & some things on my yoga wish list too!

Let’s hop right in:

Thousands of years ago, humans spent their days outside in nature, working long hours in agriculture, tending to the soils and growing crops.

Yoga developed as a way for people to find relief in their bodies after hours of work. Additionally, there was the spiritual question, “What are we really doing here? What’s humanity’s purpose on this green Earth?”

These are some of the first ideas that guided the development of yoga and yogic philosophy.

Now to get into the list:

A few things for a yogi

  1. A yoga mat: There’s actually a few types of yoga mats on the market. There’s the typical ones that you can find at places like TJ Maxx or Target, these are made of plastic, but readily available at a low price. These mats can tear, and be cautious of damage from pet scratches. There are also thinner fabric mats that are more durable, these work well for hot yoga classes, to soak up sweat and moisture. If you are older, or have sensitive joints, you may want to consider a Pilates mat, which are thicker than a typical yoga mat.

  2. Yoga blocks: Blocks assist you and help maintain proper form in more strenuous positions. You can use yoga blocks for resting positions like heart openers, or under your head in child’s pose.

  3. Yoga belt: Like blocks, yoga belts are used to assist you and help your body have the right positioning and posture. I’ve found some cool yoga belts on Amazon, but mine is from Alo.

  4. Blankets: These work to add cushion under your knees for kneeling poses, or under your bottom for seated poses. They can also come in handy under your knees in Savasana, or simply over your legs for your meditation.

  5. Anything I missed? Leave a comment 💛

Sending love,

Abby at BW

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