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Heart Opening & Manifesting with Angels (November Eleventh Guided Meditation) 11/11 Portal
Breathe into love & free yourself darling🫶🏽 #meditationmethods #breathwork #selfcare #selfcaretip
Intuition & Divine Knowledge Third Eye Guided Meditation/Visualization 👁️🪬 (Chakra Series)
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My Guided Meditations

I design my guided meditations on youtube with beginners in mind. I can remember how I struggled to find guided meditations that were interesting, creative, relative to me and the right length. I was not able to sit for extended periods of time, and fell victim to my monkey mind until I grew stronger and developed in my meditation practice.

That's why these meditations are the way that they are. Around 10-15 minutes, filled with imagery, cleansing, healing tones, and most importantly love.

I am always interested in hearing what meditations YOU would love to see me create, so don't be afraid to reach out!

- A

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