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After a few weeks of watching Abby's guided meditation videos twice a day,and the Blue Wellness Meditation Journal, the changes in my stress levels and anxiety were noticeable to me and others close to me too. I have become a less anxious, all-around happier person. Now, whenever I'm feeling really stressed, I know that I will always have meditation to fall back on as a healthy coping mechanism. And I can even use regular meditation to help prevent stress too!

Julia S

I just completed the 7 Minute Grounding Guided Meditation to connect with Mother Earth and I feel much more at peace and in tune. I decided to take her video and sit by the water. This was just the right amount of time and was the perfect intermission in between my walk. I would recommend Abby's meditations to anyone who is new and anxious about meditating!

Erica S.

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