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3 Interesting Things I Learned This Semester (Part 2)

#1 Understanding Grit:

Grit is having tenacity to complete long term goals.

When children are taught about their brains and how they work, they can be more resilient. This enables them to work to improve, rather than give up if they do not get something on their first try.

Source: TedTalk w/ Dr. Dweck

#2 Aggression & It's Effects

Exposure to aggression alters cognition.

  • especially with kids, when they experience people who are aggressive, they come to understand that you need to use aggression to get what you want.

  • cognitive factors play an important role in the learning of aggression and long term development of an aggressive personality.

  • what does this mean for you?

  • antisocial models (such as violence in TV, video games, etc.) have antisocial effects on people of all ages, but particularly young impressionable minds.

#3 I'm sure you've heard of Type A and Type B personality, but what about Type D or Type T?

Type A Personality: hardworking, organized, with an emphasis on time (completing things in a timely manner or being on time), can be high strung

Type B Personality: easy-going, laid back and less scheduled

Type D Personality: distressed, can be more susceptible to depression and anxiety

Type T Personality: thrill-seeking, can be more active and enjoy going out and trying new things

Type A Personality has an aspect (or facet) of being impatient and sometimes hostile. Hostility can lead to inflammation, when bodily tissues swell and become enlarged.

It's imperative that people who are under more stress take added action to combat those feelings of stress, and meditate to relieve their body, and activate their parasympathetic nervous systems.

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