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Climate Activism in 2022

If you follow us on Instagram ( you might have noticed that recently I am speaking up more about Mother Earth, our consumption-focused society, and creating a greener world.

It is so important to me in my personal life and as a public brand to prioritize the environment, and be conscious of how I am consuming and the waste that I am creating.

Blue Wellness prioritizes Mother Earth in a few ways; our crystals are ethically sourced, our shipping and branding materials are made from recycled materials (including wrapping tissue, boxes, stamps, stickers & more), and a portion of all sales is donated to charity: water. Charity: water is a non-profit, that uses 100% of its proceeds to help people across the world have access to fresh water. They do so by implementing various technology and water cleaning systems, unique to the different cultures, people, and natural climates. These solutions are sustainable long-term, and their newest technology "equips local leaders with real-time data" . Charity: water has created a culture of community, and their work should be a sign to all humans that we can come together and we can rise together.

Climate Revolution Action Steps

You're probably wondering "What can I do?"

- Meditate in nature, send gratitude to mother earth. Soak up the sunshine, feel the breeze on your skin. don't underestimate this step, it connects us deeply with the earth and our ancient ancestors.

- Incorporate a plant-based or vegan diet a few days a week, & it's even better if you can partner up with a friend or family member and work together on this!

- Contact your local governments to see how you can work together to be a healthier community (community gardens or composts etc). Having green waste trash cans is a great way to reduce waste in land fills and toxic gases.

- Follow scientists and native people who know what they are talking about and have the experience and knowledge to help heal Mother Earth . Research different groups that you can join and source inspiration from. Stay educated on what the specialists are saying!

- Peter Kalmus is a NASA climate scientist, who is boldy and courageously standing up for the earth. He is also known as @climatehuman on Instagram

- Share this message and advocate for our Earth on your social media. spread the message. We can create a greener earth when we work together

If you want to send Mother Earth some gratitude and love, you can check out our Earth Day Guided Meditation:

Performative Climate Activism?

You might have heard of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. I follow her on Instagram, and she often speaks up about climate change within the context of our global economy. I was scrolling through the comments of one of her posts and I saw several comments seeming to "call out" Vivienne. Seemingly for being out of touch. How can she advocate against big oil and the pollution of our Earth while also being a luxury fashion brand, while charging luxury prices for her goods?

I'm not sure that I agree with these people commenting on her posts. I believe that it's bold (and necessary) for her to use her platform to shine a light on these topics. It is a conversation that must be had, and the topic won't be overused until we see a drastic change.

I don't think it's safe to assume that because she charges a premium for her consumer goods, she is a bad person or part of the problem. Although I am not a customer of hers and do not know how sustainable their production policies are or if they (Vivienne Westwood Brand) are carbon-neutral.

I know that in general, we need to have a greener and more sustainable fashion industry. Fast fashion creates so much waste, and it breeds mindless and senseless consumption. The World Resources Institute says fast fashion dramatically shortens fashion cycles, with traditional fashion having two seasons, and fast fashion having 50-100 microseasons!

I think it's important that we all do the best that we can. And that we encourage everyone else to do the best that they can.

That means getting uncomfortable. Fighting for change because the Earth deserves it.

We are children of this Earth. Not owners.

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