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Swimming 5 Miles with American Cancer Society

Hi lovie, I have very exciting news to share with you.

I’ve created a fundraiser with Just Giving & the American Cancer Society this May (2024) to swim 5 miles to raise money and awareness.

Yep, you read that right. This May I am super excited and humbled to be participating in a fundraiser with the American Cancer Society.

It is quite serendipitous how I decided upon this, I just saw an instagram ad, & felt it was for me. You might now that I grew up as a swimmer. I always found peace and solace in the tranquility of a pool. Finding a rhythm in my pace and my breath, as the water ripples and flows over my being.

This picture is from swim & dive team photos in high school 🩵 I think we are sophomores here. (Julia on left, Abby on right)

One of my best friends Julia recently began working a new job at ACS. This is a great opportunity for me to support my incredible friend, help others & get some great exercise (3 of my favorite things). Her husband was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. So I swim for Steven’s healing and recovery, I swim for Julia, and I swim for every other individual who has been affected by cancer.

Together, we heal.

I’m planning to track some of my stats for fun, so check that out below.

Please please my loves. if you feel so called to donate to this worthy cause, you can use this link:

Stats from my swims so far:

Total Raised: $100

Total Laps: 80

Total Freestyle Laps: 70

Total Breastroke Laps: 10

Number of Pools Used: 2

Total Distance: Over 2,000 yards

Number of Gels Used: 1 (Lemonade flavor)

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