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What is Meditation?

My definition of meditation is simple, meditation is when you are mindful and present in the current moment.

You can meditate in the traditional sense, you can meditate on a nature walk. You can even meditate while you stand in a crowded line at the grocery store. The key is to be present with your current reality, without having resistance, and without grasping too tightly. Simply flowing with yourself, releasing judgment and expectations.

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Buddha Statue

“Your job is to discover the world and then with all your heart give yourself to it”


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Meditation Can Be:

Anything that captivates you in the present moment

Reading a good book

A self-care shower/bath

Reciting mantras or affirmations

Yoga flow or specific asanas

A guided meditation

Sitting in the sunshine




... And so much more

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I first got into meditation at a dark point in my life. I was struggling with anxiety and adjusting to many life changes.

Meditation became an amazing outlet for me and quickly turned into a passion. Whenever I would talk with people I would find a way to bring it up, "hey, you gotta try meditation- and watch it amplify your whole life."

Fast forward to today and I'm still trying to show people how amazing it is! I love to share and find new resources and studies on meditation and overall wellness.

I make guided meditations, for people who are newbies or meditation pros, usually within a 5-15 minute range. My guided meditations pertain to: good morning and good night meditations, self-love, releasing stress, and more... I love to create from a place of joy, love, and hope.

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