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Lessons from the human body

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Just this past weekend I found myself feeling under the weather.

My throat was sore, my nose runny, and a steady headache and muscle aches, mainly my arms which can feel quite exhausting.

Of course, now more than ever we have witnessed a global focus and importance placed on our health. But still, so many of us wait until our (mental, physical, spiritual) batteries are drained before we take time for rest, recovery, and rejuvenation.

In these days of sickness, I have learned more about myself and seen myself in a state of exhaustion.

Suprisingly, I've felt my best in moments where I'm outside, breathing in the fresh ocean air or moving my body by walking with my dog.

Rest shouldn't mean sitting in bed all day in a dark room as netflix ques and an entire series plays. It's not consuming an excess of mindless content like twitter feeds, or hours of tiktoks. Rest should incorporate a sense of movement, a gentle flowing of energy, so that what doesn't need to stay can be freed from your energy. . .

I have been focusing on talking positively to my body. And reminding myself of my strength. It's wild how easy it is to forget when you don't feel good. These are some affirmations I've been using:

  1. Rest is necessary

  2. I have plenty of time

  3. My body is so strong and healthy

  4. I can overcome all challenges

  5. My spirit empowers me

Let this be a reminder to you to take time for yourself everyday to make sure that your health is at optimal levels. Drink your water, eat nutritious foods, connect with your loved ones, and make time for rest and moments in nature.

If you're feeling under the weather please check out our hydrating meditation, which was created with the intention that it be used to heal the body of any illness, aches or pain. Listen to it here:

It's weird how when you're sick you forget how it feels to be healthy. Being sick also means that your immune system was depressed or at least vulnerable. That's why it's important to take great care of ourselves BEFORE we get sick, so that we avoid any cold or sickness all together!!

Some things I like to do to boost my immune system:

  1. press a fresh fruit/veggie juice. I use my Breville juicer, but you can also blend up fruits & veggies in the blender with some water, then filter the mixture through a strainer to separate the pulp, and there you have fresh pressed juice via a blender! one of my fav recipes is carrot, orange & ginger

  2. get a massage. massages help your body detox from all sorts of stuff, but it's integral to stay heavily hydrated before and after your massage, to bring much needed hydration back to your muscles, organs and tissues.

  3. journal. I think this one is controversial, there's a stigma about journaling in my opinion. it doesn't have to be a crazy emotional rollercoaster, or life changing and enlightening. it can be simple, quick, and fulfilling. change the narrative. there's been loads of research done on the benefits of journaling, and it's proven that writing your thoughts and deeper stressors out allows you to release the trapped emotions. trapped emotions can hinder your health, thus depleting your immune system if it goes untreated.

  4. drink coconut water. it has electrolytes and is ultra hydrating. my fav brands are Harmless Harvest and Trader Joe's. 🥥 🌴

  5. drink a warm herbal tea. herbs have a wide range of different health benefits, like supporting healthy lung function, detoxing the liver, easing menstrual cramps (Raspberry Leaf Tea❣️), soothing a sore throat and more.

Celery & apple fresh pressed juice.

One of my fav juices that you can buy. Trader Joe's cold pressed watermelon juice, no additives. 🫶🏽

Let me know what you think!

Sending you so much love,

Abby at Blue Wellness

Follow along for wellness content & daily behind the scenes at our instagram @BlueWellnessLLC

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