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Starting 2024 Off Intentionally - Somatic Breathwork to Release What’s Passed & Make Room for Blessings

Hi my sweet love,

Happy 2024

I hope your holiday season was safe & filled with love, laughs & happy memories.

Personally I had a quiet and relaxing New Year's celebration, & brought in the new year with like-minded community on New Year's Day.

I went to a local yoga studio for a somatic breathwork session, and enjoyed such a transformative experience.

We started off the session by taking a minute to write our intention down.

I really enjoy this for a few reasons. I can get super clear on my intention when I physically take pen to paper. And then, I have a little momento to remind me of the session, and look back on my insights.

I set the intention to connect with my divine feminine energy. I feel like it's really important for us all to practice that, when we live in such a masculine world, it's essential to balance that energy out on an individual level. 🩷

What followed was a transition into a elevated state of mind, and after a few rounds of breathwork, breathing, breath holds, and releasing, I was feeling lighter & fully alive in my body.

I'm really grateful for the healer who held space for me and the others that day.

After the 2 hour session, I went to the beach and enjoyed an orange & sat in the warm sunshine stretched out on my yoga mat.

Did you know in numerology, this year, 2024, adds up to an 8 year (2+0+2+4=8)? That's good news for me & scorpios everywhere.

Anyway, Happy New Year 💗

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