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The quality of your inner dialogue is the quality of your life

Are you kind, patient & gentle with yourself?

If yes, then you’ll be this way with others (people, places and things).

Are you impatient & judgmental with yourself? - If so, you’ll be this way with others, even when you have the best intentions of being accepting.

I invite you to listen to the Blue Wellness meditations, to explore the BW world & practice mindfulness in an accessible way.

Each moment that you breathe deeply, each moment that you feel gratitude, each moment that you offer yourself acceptance adds up. All of the goodness we cultivate builds upon each other, as we create a loving world with each gentle breath.

Reminder to walk gently today, as each footstep kisses the Earth 🌎

I love you more today than I did yesterday,

Abby Blue at Blue Wellness


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